A man using his electric scooter.

Solving the biggest problem of light electric vehicles: Charging

The nubsee mounted on a wall.

Who is our market and how will it benefit from nubsee?

A man and a woman riding their light electric vehicles.

What makes our company/product different in this market?

Why should cities be excited about the nubsee network?

Our Main Challenges

  1. Doing business with cities can be a little complex, which is why we don’t just focus on public infrastructure but use proven concepts to make the installation as a LEAD generator interesting for private infrastructure. Our focus is 60 percent private scalable infrastructure and max. 40 percent scalable public infrastructure. We are using a best-of-breed approach: We look at other areas to see how we can scale up fastest. Early experience and intensive discussions have taught us that franchisees, retail and real estate developers can be a good lever.
  2. Another challenge that we are trying to overcome is battery replacement. On one hand you need a lot of additional batteries — at least 40% more and on the other hand the acquisition of these partners is not easy but expensive and non-scalable. Last but not the least we aim for our device to be vehicle agnostic i.e. any vehicle regardless of its brand or type can be charged with it.

Our upcoming endeavors!



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Leon Mobility

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